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Code) is a statistical framework for organizing fields of education and training used in the Erasmus+ Programme and will be needed when completing Erasmus Grant forms and Learning Agreements as will the Erasmus Code. Coimbra Group Student Exchange Network ISCED Code: 0288 Outbound Coordinator: erasmus@tcd.ie Country University Erasmus Code ISCED is a widely-used a global reference classification for education systems that is maintained and periodically revised by the UIS in consultation with Member States and other international and regional organizations. ISCED 2011 is the second major revision of this classification (initially developed in the 1970s and revised in 1997). ISCED is the reference international classification for organising education programmes and related qualifications by levels and fields. ISCED 2011 (levels of education) has been implemented in all EU data collections since 2014. ISCED-F 2013 (fields of education and training) has been implemented since 2016.

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BI BIB, BIM, FCM 0732 Building and civil engineering . 03 . PDM, RSM, IAM 071 Engineering and engineering trades MB … Code (998) is used to denote 'Out of Scope' i.e.: that the educational program is not included in ISCED reporting, although it might appear in ASCED. Denotes differences in the attainment and participation classifications (as part of the ISCED structure). ISCED Code 2 digits ISCED Code 3 Digits ASCED Code 00 Generic programs and qualifications 090701 090799 091900 091901 091903 099901 099903 091300 091301 091303 100703 100705 100707 040 Business, administration and law not further defined 080000 080100 080101 080300 080301 080303 080307 080309 080311 080313 080315 080317 080319 080321 080323 HU Berlin | ISCED-F 2013 Codes - 18.12.2019 Seite 3 von 4 Studienfach der HU Berlin ISCED-F 2013 Code ISCED Field of Education Land- und Gartenbauwissenschaft 0800 Agriculture, forestry, fisheries and veterinary Latein 0231 Language acquisition Latinistik 0231 Language acquisition Lehramt an GS Deutsch, Mathematik, Isced Code Subject Description 811 Hotel, restaurant and catering 812 Travel, tourism and leisure 813 Sports 814 Domestic services 815 Hair and beauty services 819 Personal services (others) 84 Transport services 840 Transport services 85 Environmental protection Title: ISCED-koodit.xlsx Author: 03146702 Created Date: 8/14/2019 9:22:20 AM Context: The International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED-97) is used to define the levels and fields of education .

ECTS credits: unknown. Language: Swedish.

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Belgien. KU Leuven. B LEUVEN01. Code.

Isced code

Yearbook of Nordic Statistics 1987 - Sida 335 - Google böcker, resultat

Environmental Sciences, Ecology; Environmental Protection) revision of the ISCED Fields of Education and Training classification (ISCED-F 2013). Where possible each description gives examples both of subjects which belong to each field and some boundary cases which are included in other fields.

European Resuscitation Council. Utfärdat maj 2014. High School Diploma, ISCED level 3-bild Future "code girl". Iran. Katerina Pappa Katerina Pappa-bild  File:Diagramma ISCED.svg - Wikimedia Commons. File:Correspondence between ISCED 2011 and ISCED 1997 Sylvain Fraccola on ISCED code. Figure 3  Instituto Superior Politécnico Tundavala.
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Isced code

grant agreement and disclaimer. The document must be typed and submitted in two original hardcopies with all the signatures requested IN the 15  Adapting ISCED 2011. • Fix lack of important distinctions for social science research. • Adaptation of 3rd digit for secondary education: differentiate, within code  18.

HU Berlin | ISCED-F 2013 Codes - 18.12.2019 Seite 3 von 4 Studienfach der HU Berlin ISCED-F 2013 Code ISCED Field of Education Land- und Gartenbauwissenschaft 0800 Agriculture, forestry, fisheries and veterinary Latein 0231 Language acquisition Latinistik 0231 Language acquisition Lehramt an GS Deutsch, Mathematik, 620 ISCED 5A medium, bachelor/equivalent from upper/single tier 710 ISCED 5A long, master/equivalent from lower tier tertiary 720 ISCED 5A long, master/equivalent from upper/single tier tertiary 800 ISCED 6, doctoral degree 5555 Other * This code does not exist in ISCED. Digit 1: The first digit of the code represents the 8 ISCED11 levels: ISCED refers to fields of education while higher education generally refers to fields of study. There are in fact 25 fields of study organised in broad groups. Each group carries a number and this coding is used by UNESCO, OECD. the European Union's Eurostat and EU's national statistical agencies. Bando Erasmus+ Studio: tabella comparativa delle aree di studio (ISCED Code) 1014 Sports 16.4 SCIENZE NAUTICHE, NAVIGAZIONE 1014 Sports 16.9 ALTRO 1021 Community sanitation 12.7 SANITA' PUBBLICA 1041 Transport services 2.6 STUDI DEI TRASPORTI E DEL TRAFFICO ordinamento per ISCED ordinamento per Codice ERA The ISCED‐97 in the Polish context Bogdan W. Mach and Maciej D. Kryszczuk 1 Introduction The ISCED‐97 fits quite well all levels of the educational system existing in Poland today. The present system is primarily based on the following Sejm (Parliament) Anyone who has worked in any portion of the medical field has had to learn at least a little bit about CPT codes.
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Erasmus code: 09.3. ISCED code: 0232. ECTS credits: 2. Language: Swedish. Organized by: Faculty of Applied Linguistics  ISCED 2 (code 02) Lower secondary education or second stage of basic ISCED 0 and 1 (code 01) Pre primary education and primary education or first stage  ISCED 0 and 1 (code 01): Pre-primary education and primary education or first stage of basic education. Last Update: 2014-11-18. Usage Frequency: 1.

3. Arrival and departure Form (få signatur när du anlänt till  ISCED. Den internationella klassifikationen för utbildning består av två klassifikationer. De senaste versionerna är ISCED 2011 och ISCED-F 2013 där den förra  Services concerned with lower secondary education at ISCED-2011 (International Standard Classification of Education, 2011 revision) level 2. Tjänster som rör  ISCED 2 (code 02): Lower secondary education or second stage of basic education. Isced 2 (kod 02): Högstadium eller andra stadiet av grundskolan. EurLex-2.
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There are 21 fields of education. Not all fields are represented at every level of education. The fourth and the fifth digit identify the L' ISCED (International Standard Classification of Education, classificazione internazionale standard dell' istruzione) è uno standard creato dall' UNESCO come sistema internazionale di classificazione dei corsi di studio e dei relativi titoli. General field Specific field ISCED code Animal Sciences Animal breeding and Genetics 0841 Animal nutrition 0841 Applied Zoology 0841 Animal Health and Behaviour 0841 ISCED: International Standard Classification of Education ISCED Fields of Education and Training (2013): Short List Ulm University (ERASMUS) Narrow field Detailed field Study Programs UUlm ISCED 97 Old ERA-Code Title: ISCED-koodit.xlsx Author: 03146702 Created Date: 8/14/2019 9:22:20 AM ISCED-Code – Zuordnung zu den Studienfächern 1 1. Zuordnung ISCED-Codes zu den Studienfächern Studienfach ISCED (FB01) Wirtschaftsinformatik 041 - Business and administration (bei überwiegender Belegung wirtschaftswissen-schaftlicher Kurse) oder 061 - Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) (bei überwiegender ISCED Descrizione Codici ISCED 01 AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES 01.0 Agricultural sciences 62 Agriculture, forestry and fishery 01.1 Agriculture 620 Agriculture, forestry and fishery (broad programmes) 01.2 Agricultural Economics 6201 Agricultural Economics 01.3 Food Science and Technology 6202 Food Science and Technology 01.4 Horticulture 622 Horticulture ISCED Codes (Subject area codes) Institutionen för ekonomi och affärsanalys /Department of Business Management and Analytics Företagsekonomi: 041 La classification internationale type de l'éducation ou CITE (ISCED pour International Standard Classification of Education) est une classification des différents niveaux d'éducation qui peut s'appliquer pour tous les pays. ISCED 2011 ISCED 1997 Descripción Características principales 0 Ninguno Educación preescolar (temprana) Etapa inicial destinada a niños de hasta 3 años. 0 0 Educación preescolar (preescolar) Etapa inicial de la instrucción organizada, destinada a introducir a los niños en un entorno de tipo escolar a partir de los 3 años.

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vocational). If we could not find an official code for a qualification in the ISCED mappings (Eurostat, 2013; UNESCO-UIS,  The Norwegian Standard Classification of Education is a 6-digit code system individual educational programmes) refers to two ISCED 2011 codes, ISCED-. Erasmus Code, Agreement Type, Start Datetime/End Datetime, Agreement Date, Area Code, ISCED Code, Is active?

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B LEUVEN01. Code.

2 x 10. Bulgarien. Sofia University St. Kliment  1997, a revised International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED-97) was adopted by the. UNESCO General Conference. This multi-dimensional  to code the ISCED-97 for the German Mikrozensus (Schroedter et al., 2006) and, partly because the authors dealt with both enrolment and attainment data,  ISCED Code. 142.